Health Services Administrator

Jennifer James

NMCD Health Services is committed to providing comprehensive health care that meets community standards of care, constitutional mandates and processional standards of care. NMCD Health Services is dedicated to providing compassionate and ethical care when dealing the NMCD Inmates. The goal of Health Services is to maintain the well-being of NMCD Inmates so they may function at the highest level while incarcerated and be prepared for re-entry into our communities.

Medical Health Services provides medical and psychiatric services to NMCD inmates in a humane and professional manner. The purpose of which is ensuring oversight of all adult correctional health services, operating personnel and resources. Further Medical Health Services is responsible for adult health services for state correctional inmates and monitoring health concerns which could affect public health and safety.

Behavioral Health Services provides diagnostic assessment, treatment and programming utilizing a biopsychosocial model that takes into account physical, psychological, and social factors that impact on the inmate's well being. Services are designed to assist offenders in attaining and/or maintaining their cognitive and emotional well being in the sometimes-stressful environment that is associated with incarceration.

Further Behaviors' series provides addictions programming a designed to increase public and institutional safety, reduce recidivism, and increase the capacity of offenders to live responsible lives through aggressive treatment of substance addiction. Additionally Behavioral Health Services facilitates the provision of volunteers for parenting programs, faith-based mentoring programs, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) programs.