Programs and Services

NMCD understands that programs and services are vital to the rehabilitation of inmates. Listed below are some of the programs and services offered for NMCD offenders. For more information about the programs, please click on the individual link.

Community Corrections

Community Corrections outpatient programs offer close supervision and supportive treatment services for offenders who are considered as having a high set of needs that, if not met, render them at a higher risk for reoffending. Community Corrections outpatient offenders tend to have chronic needs such as mental health diagnoses, homelessness, severe medical conditions, and multiple unsuccessful attempts at substance abuse treatment, among others. Community Corrections services also include gender-specific supervision and treatment for female offenders with high needs. The duration of Community Corrections outpatient programming is six to twelve months.

Community Corrections residential programs - the Men's and Women's Recovery Academies - offer intensive substance abuse treatment and mental health services to parolees who need a transition from prison to community, as well as for parolees and probationers who are facing violations, as an alternative to incarceration. The Men's Recovery Academy offers substance abuse treatment to up to eighty four male offenders, and the Women's Recovery Academy offers substance abuse and mental health treatment to up to forty eight female offenders in two tracks: substance abuse/mental health and moms and kids seeking on-campus reunification. A halfway house for males and females is also offered at each program. Residential programs are six months in duration, and the halfway houses are designed to help offenders for a maximum of four months.

Constituent Services

The New Mexico Corrections Department Constituent Services Office is committed to providing professionalism and compassion when dealing with the Citizens of New Mexico by ensuring that they are treated with respect, dignity, and confidentiality. Click here for more information.

Corrections Industries

Enhances the rehabilitation, education and vocational skills of inmates through productive involvement in enterprises and public works of benefit to state agencies and local public bodies and to minimize inmate idleness. Click here for more information.

Drug Court

Drug Courts are designed to provide community-based treatment and supervision to selected offenders who are identified as having substance abuse issues. Drug courts work closely with the judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, probation/parole authorities and other corrections personnel, law enforcement, pre-trial service agencies, law enforcement, vocational rehabilitation, education and housing, and treatment providers.


The Education Bureau is committed to providing quality educational and vocational programs and library services that will assist the incarcerated individual to become responsible members of the family, workforce, and community upon release. This will be accomplished through teamwork, dedication, and collaboration with other departments, agencies, and the community at large. Click here for more information.

Health Services

New Mexico Corrections Department (NMCD) Health Services Bureau (HSB) is committed to providing quality healthcare that meets correctional healthcare standards and constitutional mandates. The goal of HSB is to assure the care, opportunities and education necessary for patients to improve their health. Click here for more information.

Volunteer / Faith- Based Programs

The New Mexico Corrections Department appreciates the hard work and dedication of our faithful volunteers who serve our incarcerated and those returning from prison to the community. Our volunteers are an invaluable resource to our department as they provide hope, examples of neighbors who care, reduce recidivism and help to make our community a safer and better place. Click here for more information.