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Personnel & Staff Training
Policy Number
Policy Description
Employee Orientation
Recruitment Selection and Hire of Correctional Officers Correctional Officer Specialists and Probation and Parole Officers
NMCD Honor Guard / Color Guard
Physical Appearance of Correctional Employees
Military Leave Policy
Employee Reporting Responsibilities,Calculation of Hours
On-Call Duty Pay for Mental Health Services Personnel
Americans with Disabilities Act-ADA;Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAAA)
Family Medical Leave of Absence
Correctional Officer Training and Staff Development Requirements
Staff Development for Non-Custody Corrections and Probation-Parole Department Personnel
Institutional Duty Officer
Critical Incident Stress Debriefing
NMCD Identification Badges
Payment of Student Travel & Meals/Lodging Expenses
Office of Professional Standards, Personnel Investigations and Staff Misconduct Reporting
Personnel Records Review, Confidentiality and Security
Employee Grievance Policy
Employee Performance Evaluations
Code of Ethics
Workers Compensation and Early Return to Work
Manpower Deployment Management System
Telework & Alternative Work Schedules
Corrections Department Salary and Pay Plan
Leave Request & Approval
Employee Development
Unlawful Discrimination/Sexual Harassment
Inclement Weather Leave
Employee Exit Survey
Furlough Policy for Employees
Meal Privileges for CD Employees
Law Enforcement Commissions for Certain Corrections Department Employees
Overtime and Extra Hours Worked Compensation
Employee Tuberculosis Screening
Employee Health Screening and nursing Mothers Break Time
Voluntary Donation of Annual Leave.
Employee Recognition Program
Disciplinary Action for Classified Employees
Drug/Alcohol Free Workplace
Omnibus Drug/Alcohol Testing Program
Drug/Alcohol Testing for Contract Employees
Employee DWI Policy
Probation & Parole Management
Policy Number
Policy Description
Establishment of the Probation and Parole Division
Treatment-Supervision Plan Development -PPD Case Management and Written Condition
PPD Citizen Complaint & Offender Grievances
Parole of Geriatric, Incapacitated & Terminally Ill
Probation to Follow Prison, Probation to Follow Jail, Multiple Conviction Cases
PPD Firearms
PPD Search of Offender's Person, Home, or Property & Processing Confiscated Evidence or Property
PPD Intensive Supervision Programs
Probation & Parole Offender Case Records
PPD Offender Employment & Educational Resources Assistance
PPD Periodic Audits/Monitoring by Region Managers & District Supervisors
PPD Interstate/Intrastate Transfer of Offenders & Travel Permits
Probation/Parole Officer Cooperation with Law Enforcement Agencies
Case Materials Submitted to RDC
PPD Review of Offender Progress for Early Termination Consideration
Correspondence with Inmates by PPD Staff
PPD Pre-Sentence/Pre-Release/Post Sentence Reports
PPD Substance Abuse Testing for Offenders
PPD Daily Reminder System
Administration of Adult Community Corrections Act
PPD Use of Offenders as Informants & Undercover Agents
PPF 24-Hour Services Available to Offenders
PPD Use of FBI Form I-12 (Flash Notice) & Fingerprint Cards
PPD Placement Investigations
Community Supervision
Probation/Parole Violations and Absconders, Preliminary Revocation Hearings, Arrest of Offenders and Arrest Orders
Collections Disbursement of Probation Parole Costs Restitution and Other Fees or Costs
PPD Sex Offender Registration, Tracking & Supervision
Probation and Parole Division Student Intern Program
PPD Reporting of Activities and Staff Meetings
Medication Assisted Treatment of Opiate Addiction
Community Services Development for Clients
Community Corrections Program & Fiscal Audits
PPD Drug Courts
Earned Meritorious Deductions (EMD) for Parolees
Technical Parole Violator - Sanctioned Parole Violator Referral, Placement and Programming
Electronic Control Devices (ECD-Taser)
Citizen Involvement & Volunteer Services
Health Services
Policy Number
Policy Description
Medical Services Administration
Medical Clinical Services/Psychiatry Services/Detoxification/Intoxication & Withdrawal
Medical Peer Review, Internal Review & Quality Assurance
Blood Borne Pathogens Control Program
Medical Services Administration- Performance Improvement
Health Related Training
Use of Therapeutic Restraints
Medical Records Department
Involuntary Psychiatric Treatment
Administration of Psychotropic Medication
Emergency Medical Grievances
Health Services Reentry Provision of Information to PPD &/or Community Health Care Providers
Psychotropic Medication & Heat Pathology
Management of Pharmacies/Pharmaceuticals at Adult Facilities
Dental Services
Notification of Next of Kin-Serious Illness, Death, etc.
Mental Health Treatment Center: Psychiatry, Medical & Nursing Care
Mental Health Treatment Guardian
Psychiatric Referral & Vitek Procedures for the New Mexico Behavioral Health Institute
Civil Commitment Procedures to the New Mexico Behavioral Health Institute
Psychiatry Chronic Care Clinic Scheduling And Follow-Up Guidelines
Pandemic Influenza
Transfer of Inmates with Acute Medical or Psychiatric Illness
Medical Clearance for TRF. out of System/Community Corrections
IInfection Control Plans Tb, HIV, Biohazard Waste Management & Decontamination of Medical & Dental Equipment
Patient Rights & Responsibilities
Management of Acute & Chronic Infectious Viral Hepatitis