Administrative Services Division

Acting Director

Phillipe Rodriguez

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Administrative Services Division in its commitment to the safety and well-being of the people of New Mexico, by doing the right thing always, provides agency divisions and programs with direction, support, guidance and oversight over all fiscal and property management activities. Bureaus within the Division ensure an internal control structure exist to enable compliance with statutory, regulatory and departmental administrative requirements while identifying opportunities to more efficiently and effectively operate the department. Administrative services are offered through Budget, Financial Management , General Services Bureau and the Facility Capital Management. Staff in each Bureau is in the forefront of efforts to promote accountability and transparency in state government by providing quality service. They serve as the central point of contact with external agencies.

Deputy Director Budget & Facility, Capital Management

Ed Smith

Deputy Director Financial Management, General Services and Procurement


Bureau Chief Budget

Carl Ortega

The Budget Bureau coordinates and directs the preparation of the annual budget request, the operating budget, and provides budgetary control and analysis for the Department's budget. In addition, monitor and report on federal grant activities, compile, evaluate, and report statistical information on the inmate population and other activities of the New Mexico Corrections Department (NMCD). Analysts serve as liaisons between the department business managers and the Budget Bureau Chief for communicating problems and special needs that arise. They serve as the central point of contact for budgetary matters.

Contact information for the Budget Bureau staff is as follows:

Anthony Hass , Economist - B

Bureau Chief Financial Management


  • 505.827.8694

It is the responsibility of the Financial Management Bureau (FMB) to provide direction and oversight on fiscal and financial accounting processes for accounts payable, vouchering, financial reporting, audit coordination and record-keeping to ensure compliance with state and federal statues, regulations, agency policies and report financial conditions of the agency.

The Financial Management Bureau is divided into two sections:

Accounts Payable Section: Audits purchasing documentation and invoices submitted by department business managers, post invoices, verify data entered in the accounting system subsidiary for payment processing to vendors.

Contact information for the Accounts Payable Section staff is as follows:

Matilda Peralta
, AP Section Manager - 505.827.8793

Janice Fordham , Accounts Payable Auditor - 505.827.8652

Kellie Horvath, Accounts Payable Auditor - 505.827.8646

Vivian Montoya, Accounts Payable Processor - 505.827.8520

Bobby Sanchez, Accounts Payable Processor - 505.827.8289

Natasha Apodaca, Payable Processor - 505.827.8299

Accounting Section: Responsible for general ledger maintenance and outcome. The Accounting staff prepares the year-end financial statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles as part of the annual financial and compliance audit requirement. They contract with Independent Auditors for the purpose of obtaining an opinion on the basic financial statements, the combining and individual fund financial statements, and budgetary comparisons in accordance with government auditing standards.

Contact information for the Accounting Section staff is as follows:

, Accounting Section Manager - 505.827.8244

Celina Padilla, Accountant/Auditor A - 505.827.8583

Vicki Trujillo , Accountant/Auditor A - 505.827.8585

Acting Bureau Chief

Kathleen Branchal

The General Services & Procurement Bureau (GSPB) of the Department is divided into Procurement and Business Support Servives. The GSPB provides support to Divisions at Central Office in the areas of purchasing/procurement and Telecommunications; Radios; Grants; and Fleet Management.

The General Services & Procurement Bureau:

Procurement Section: Responsible for processing all purchase requests for goods and services received from department business managers. Source vendors, negotiate contracts, serve as the liaisons between department business managers and State Purchasing Division and ensure compliance with the State Procurement Code in the purchase of goods and services. Maintain files for all department contracts, joint power agreements, memorandum of understandings, property and equipment leases. Confer with accounts payable to ensure that vendors are paid in a timely manner.

General Services & Procurement Bureau
Contact information for the General Services & Procurement Bureau staff is as follows:

, Purchase Agent - 505.827.8626

Freddie Martinez , Purchase Agent - 505.827.8649

Vacant, Purchase Agent - 505.827.8372

Vacant , Communications & Fleet Coordinator - 505.827.8653
Facilities Manager II The Facility Capital Management Bureau (FCMB)

Dominic Vigil

  • 505.934.9416

The Facility Capital Management Bureau (FCMB) The FCMB provides oversight for property acquisition, property asset management, building maintenance, property management, project management, policy development, safety and security planning and implementation, and space planning. The FCMB also oversees and assists with all construction projects funded with state and federal dollars. The Section provides guidance in implementing proper internal controls over state owned and leased property and facilitates inter-agency and intra-agency relationships.

Contact information for Facility Capital Management Bureau is as follows:

Brian Chavez , Health, Fire & Life Safety Manager