Penitentiary of New Mexico

The Penitentiary of New Mexico (PNM) is located along the old turquoise Trail, 14 miles south of Santa Fe. PNM is the Department’s only super-max facility, housing the highest security classification of offenders in the state of New Mexico. The Penitentiary of New Mexico Complex is comprised of three facilities: Level-II a minimum-restrict unit, Level-IV/V and Level-VI housing the highest security classification of offenders. PNM maintains its national accredited status by the American Correctional Association and continues to intensify its efforts to achieve the mission of the Corrections Department by providing a balanced system approach to corrections from incarceration to community-based supervision with training, education, programs and services that provide opportunities for offenders to transition to communities.

The “level system” within the New Mexico Corrections Department requires that an inmate or inmates who cannot be managed in general population, and/or cannot function in general population due to criteria established policy will be separated from the general population. Management of such inmates will be based upon behaviorally based step programs, in which increased privileges are granted for inmates who demonstrate appropriate behavior for a specified period of time.




Arturo Suazo

Arturo Suazo

Deputy Warden, Level II

Daniel Salazar

Daniel Salazar

Deputy Warden, Level V

Vistula Curry

Vistula Curry

Deputy Warden

Visitation Information 

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Contact Us & Inmates


P.O. Box 1059
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504-1059

Phone 505.827-8201 
Fax 505.827.8283

Physical Address
 4311 State Highway 14
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87508

Send all mail for inmates to their location address above. Please make sure and put to their attention and their NMCD#.
Inmates are not allowed to receive phone calls or any electronic correspondence.


How to put money on an inmate account?

An approved visitor can send a money order with the inmates name and number to the facility.