Western New Mexico Correctional Facility (WNMCF) is located in Cibola County, City of Grants, New Mexico and is comprised of two facilities.

The first facility is the Reception and Diagnostic Center for female offenders as well as a Level III-General Population and Level IV-General Population for female offenders in the New Mexico Corrections Department. The primary focus at Western New Mexico Correctional Facility is Re-Entry, Education, Employment opportunities, as well as Peer Education programs.

The second facility is a medium custody male facility which can house up to 673 inmates with an emphasis on inmate reentry. Inmates housed at WNMCF’s male facility are typically within two years of release, and while residing here will have access to reentry programs largely focused on drug and alcohol treatment and management.

Jessica Vigil-Richards

Jessica Vigil-Richards


Chelsea White

Chelsea White

Deputy Warden

Visitation Information  

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Contact information for male facility

1700 East Old Highway 66
Grants, New Mexico 87020

Phone 505.287.2941
Fax 505.876.8200


Contact Information for female facility

P.O. Drawer 250
Grants, New Mexico 87020

Phone 505.876.8300
Fax 505.876.8200


Inmate mail information

Send all mail for inmates to their location address above. Please make sure and put to their attention and their NMCD#. Inmates are not allowed to receive phone calls or any electronic correspondence.


How to put money on an inmate account?

An approved visitor can send a money order with the inmates name and number to the facility.