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New Mexico Corrections Training Academy

NMCD First in the Nation plaqueThe New Mexico Corrections Training Academy (NMCTA) is responsible for conducting basic and advanced training for custody, non-custody, and civilian staff.  Additionally, the NMCTA assists with recruiting efforts around the state, and is responsible for the screening and review of applicants who wish to seek a career as an officer in corrections. The NMCTA is divided into three sections: basic training, advanced training, and recruiting/screening/international training.

The Basic Training Section (BTS) is responsible for oversight, training, and all matters related to the eight (8) week basic training academy program aimed at providing correctional officer and probation/parole officer cadets with the foundational knowledge that they need to be successful as they begin their careers.  During the academy, cadets are tested physically and mentally to prepare them as they enter an exciting and challenging career in corrections.  In addition to academies held in Santa Fe, NM, the BTS also oversees satellite academies around the state aimed at increasing opportunities for those in various parts of the state.

The Advanced Training Section (ATS) conducts post-academy training in a variety of corrections topics for correctional officers and probation/parole officers.  At the center of the ATS is oversight of the Training-for-Trainers (T-for-T) program which serves to certify those who wish to be instructors for the New Mexico Corrections Department.  Ongoing instructor development and improved training through the use of evidence based practices and sound research is at the heart of what the ATS brings to the NMCD and the State of New Mexico

The Recruiting/Screening/International (RSI) section is responsible for screening all applicants interested in becoming correctional or probation/parole officers.  As the gatekeepers for the department, the RSI works diligently to ensure that only those who are qualified and ethically sound make it to the academy.  This important vetting process is critical to the success of NMCD’s overall mission to serve the people on New Mexico and to ensure the safety and security of our state’s prison facilities, probation/parole district offices, and ultimately our communities.  Additionally, the RSI conducts international training with Mexico and other countries aimed at improving corrections on an international level.

Basic Training

To provide correctional officer and probation/parole officer cadets with the basic training they need to succeed as they begin their career in corrections.

International Training

provides a fundamental basis to correctional officers and Probation/Parole officers in a myriad of corrections/law enforcement topics.


to Recruit candidates who are ethically and morally upstanding and who are most highly qualified for the prospective position.

Advanced Training

provides post-academy training for corrections officers and probation and parole officers.

Academy Instructors

All instructors have completed a training-the-trainer course and have real-world experience in the courses they teach.



4337 State Highway 14
Santa Fe NM 87508

P.O. Box 27116

Santa Fe NM 87502-0116



I-25 South

  • Follow I-25 S to NM-599 S in Santa Fe County
  • Take exit 276 for NM-599
  • Turn right onto NM-599 S
  • Turn right onto NM-14 S
  • Turn right on unmarked road across Santa Fe Studios Rd
  • You will see a blue sign New Mexico Corrections Department Central Administration and Training Academy


I-25 North

  • Follow I-25 N to NM-599 S in Santa Fe County
  • Take exit 276 from I-25 South
  • Turn left onto NM-599 S
  • Turn right onto NM-14 S
  • Turn right on unmarked road across Santa Fe Studios
  • You will see a blue sign New Mexico Corrections Department Central Administration and Training Academy



  • Head southwest on NM-599 S
  • Turn right onto NM-14 S
  • Turn right on unmarked road across Santa Fe Studios
  • You will see a blue sign New Mexico Corrections Department Central Administration and Training Academy



What do I need to bring to the basic training academy?

Required Documents

Valid New Mexico drivers license and social security card. NO EXECPTIONS! Students will arrive at the Academy dressed in Professional Business attire!

Males: Will be clean-shaven. You must have a nice clean professional looking haircut.
Females: Fingernail short in length and clear nail polish only
Personal Hygiene items- shaving kit, soap, etc.
Towels, washcloths, etc.
Males- cup and supporter
Females- sports bra
Pen, pencils, writing materials, notebook and a white 3 inch 3-ring binder.
Personal appropriate clothing
One pair of GOOD athletic shoes, you will be working out and doing a lot of running so find a good pair that can be used for both.
At least four (4) White Crewneck T-shirts to be worn under the uniform shirt. It is recommended that cadets purchase one size smaller than they usually wear.
One older white tee shirt to be worn on O.C. Spray day (it will get stained)
If you wear glasses or contacts make sure that you have them.
Laundry soap
Alarm Clock
Individuals under the age of 25 with an out of state drivers license must contact the UNM Continuing Education Department at (505) 277-1111 or (505) 277-0051 to purchase the workbook None for the Road DWI Awareness Course. Further instruction will be given by their staff. THIS IS MANDATORY TO SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETE THE ACADEMY, YOU MUST SHOW PROOF OF PURCHASE AND ATTEMPT TO RECEIVE A NEW MEXICO DRIVERS LICENSE.

How do I know where I need to go for training?

Check the training calendar on this website. If you need further clarification, please contact the training academy directly at 505-827-8900.

What should I bring to my training session?

Please bring all applicable gear. If you are training for firearms/taser/scenarios, please bring all field attire with you (including ballistic vest). Otherwise you may attend training in casual clothing unless otherwise directed.

I completed a training but did not receive a certificate?

Please contact the instructor from your course for your training certificate. A list of academy instructors can be found to the right along with contact information.

I want to attend a training outside of NMCD, can I attend?

Officers must complete a Training Request form for all training they wish to attend. After completing this form, the district supervisor must approve the training and make a determination as to the applicability of that training to the officers position. This training would count as elective for the purposes of the forty (40) hour annual requirement.

I am way behind on my training, what should I do?

It is each officers responsibility to ensure they are completing the training required by policy. If you feel that you are falling behind, please contact your training coordinator and attempt to catch up as soon as possible. The easiest way to avoid this is to plan out your training in advance and to ensure that you complete it.

When are screening dates?

Every Tuesday and Wednesday (except holidays) at the Corrections Academy. You must be there for both days.

What is involved?

Fill out state job application
Psychological tests and interview
Physical agility test
Polygraph exam
Urinalysis and medical exam (2 weeks prior to start of class)

What must I bring or wear?

1st Day

Documents Include: State birth certificate, driver's license, social security card, high school diploma or GED certificate and DD214 (Military Service Only).

Appropriate Dress: Exercise clothes and shoes appropriate for physical agility testing
(no shorts or tank tops allowed)

2nd Day

Clothing Appropriate for an Interview

What are the minimum job requirements?

At least 18 years old, high school graduate or GED, U.S. citizen, no felony convictions, and pass all phases of screening.

What is the pay?

Cadet = $15.55 per hour
Correctional Officer = $17.85 per hour
Shift differential = $.60 per hour
PNM (Santa Fe only) = An additional TEMPORARY Recruitment Differential Pay


Annual leave, sick leave, holidays, health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, and retirement.

How long is the training?

8 weeks - food and lodging will be provided during weekdays.

You must stay in Academy lodging during the work week.

The workweek is Monday - Thursday 10 hour days.

How long is the selection process?

The selection process will take about three weeks from the initial screening date.

How many trips will it take an out of state applicant to complete the screening process?

The initial screening process is two consecutive days.

The drug and medical screening will be scheduled prior to the start date of the academy

Do I get paid while attending the academy

Yes, you will receive pay. The benefits will be available after the second pay period.

Why do most applicants get rejected?

By being unable to achieve physical entry standards to omitting or falsifying on the application
or polygraph

What if I cannot bring all the required documents for the first screening day?

Until all documents are received, your application will be incomplete and unable to process any further for review

How can I submit an application?

You will need to visit the New Mexico State Personnel Office website and apply on-line. Once we have received your application and you have met the initial requirements you will be contacted by a department staff member or you may attend screening which is held every Tuesday and Wednesday

Probation and Parole applicants will be contacted once the department has received their application status to schedule a screening date. Applicants will be called according to location and job openings.