Correctional Officers

Correctional Officer\Cadet Job Descriptions


Cadet = $15.55 per hour 
Correctional Officer = $17.85 per hour 
Shift differential = $.60 per hour 
PNM (Santa Fe only) = An additional TEMPORARY Recruitment Differential Pay 
Routinely hire above the minimum hourly rate – starting salary is based on experience.

Work Hours

Shift Hours, Odd Hours, overtime, weekend and holidays.

Purpose of Position

The purpose of this position is to guard inmates in a penal or rehabilitative institution in accordance with established regulations and procedures. Cadets receive and complete training at a correctional academy for adult correctional institutions.


No experience is required for this position.


  • Must be 18 Years of Age or Older – There is no upper age limit
  • Be a High School Graduate or Equivalent
  • Be a United States Citizen
  • Possess a valid New Mexico drivers license or ability to obtain one.
  • No Felony Convictions
  • No Domestic Violence Convictions
  • Pass Entry Screening Tests – Held every Tuesday at 8:00 a.m. at the New Mexico Training Academy
  • Ability to perform essential duties as outlined below
  • Ability to perform work within the physical demand requirements as outlined below.

Essential Duties

  • Ability to be rotated to any post as part of normal post assignments and also to relieve other officers.
  • Physical ability to control inmates by force, when necessary, to defend oneself and other against physical attack by inmates.
  • Ability to withstand prolonged hours of work.
  • Ability to pass a physical agility test
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, in the English language.
  • Ability to read, write and comprehend information in the English language.
  • Ability to maintain defenisive driving certification.
  • Ability to perform basic mathematical computations.
  • Ability to think logically and effectively analyze situations and use good judgment.
  • Ability to understand instructions and follow orders.
  • Ability to search for contraband and provide security.
  • Ability to count, fee and supervise inmates in housing, work and other areas accessed by stairs.
  • Ability to provide custody and security of inmates including observing actions of inmates; to perform “pat” and/or “strip” search of inmates; restraining and securing sometimes assaultive inmates; and transferring and transporting inmates by walking or riding in various vehicles such as trailers, vans, buses, and other forms of transportation.
  • Ability to provide security for inmates performing technical skills such as construction, maintenance, laundry, food service and in varied industrial and agricultural operations which involve climbing stairs and ladders; climbing around the inside or outside of buildings.
  • Ability to withstand long periods of all types of weather; working outdoors and indoors without air conditioning; and working around motorized or moving equipment and machinery.
  • Ability to respond quickly to emergencies; including climbing stairs and ladders while searching for escaped inmates; hearing calls for and/or calling for help; giving first aid at the emergency site; carrying an injured or unconscious person various distances to safety, up or down stairs and ladders; using force and/or deadly force, including the use of chemical agents and firearms, to control inmates.
  • Ability to read, review and properly apply information found in inmate record, which is related to the inmate’s health and safety and to the security of the prison; provide appropriate information to other personnel.
  • Ability to comply with all policies, procedures, rules, regulations and post orders.
  • Ability to prepare and maintain records, forms and reports.
  • Ability to work under potentially dangerous circumstances in a correctional facility.

Agency Mission & Description

The Corrections Department provides a balanced system approach to corrections from incarceration to community – based supervision with training, education, programs and services that provide opportunities for offenders to transition to communities.

Disqualifier Protocol Policy – Must Read

Click here to view Disqualifier Protocol Policy 


  • 25+ Year Retirement Plan
  • Paid Vacation Leave – 10 Days Per Year
  • Paid Sick Leave – 12 Days Per Year
  • Paid Personal Leave Day – After 1 Year of Employment
  • Upon Successful Completion of the Corrections Academy starting pay is $17.85 per hour at all state facilities.
  • An additional $1.97 per hour Temporary Recruitment Differential will be paid to individuals employed at the Santa Fe facility only.
  • Shift Differential Pay $.60 per hour at all facilities.
  • College credits upon graduation from the Academy may be transferable to an accredited college towards an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice.
  • Life, Health, Dental, Vision, and More… State pays 80% of the benefit package.

No prior experience necessary!

Recruitment Office Contact Info

  • Aaron Bell 505-827-8922
  • Yessenia Ramirez 505.827.8989


When are screening dates?

Every Tuesday and Wednesday (except holidays) at the Corrections Academy. You must be there for both days. (Screening may extend till Thursday, you will be notified on Tuesday.)

What is involved?

Fill out state job application
Psychological tests and interview
Physical agility test
Polygraph exam
Urinalysis and medical exam (2 weeks prior to start of class)

What must I bring or wear?

1st Day – Documents Include: State birth certificate, driver’s license, social security card, high school diploma or GED certificate and DD214 (Military Service Only). Appropriate Dress: Exercise clothes and shoes appropriate for physical agility testing (ONLY basketball style shorts, NO spandex, NO tank/spaghetti strap tops) (snacks and water for day 1 : There will be no lunch break)

2nd Day – Clothing Appropriate for an Interview

What are the minimum job requirements?

At least 18 years old, high school graduate or GED, U.S. citizen, no felony convictions, and pass all phases of screening.

What is the pay?

Cadet = $15.55 per hour 
Correctional Officer = $17.85 per hour 
Shift differential = $.60 per hour 
PNM (Santa Fe only) = An additional TEMPORARY Recruitment Differential Pay


Annual leave, sick leave, holidays, health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, and retirement.

How long is the training?

8 weeks – food and lodging will be provided during weekdays. You must stay in Academy lodging during the work week. The workweek is Monday – Thursday 10 hour days.

How long is the selection process?

The selection process will take about three weeks from the initial screening date.

How many trips will it take an out of state applicant to complete the screening process?

The initial screening process is two consecutive days. The drug and medical screening VVill be scheduled prior to the start date of the academy

Do I get paid while attending the academy?

Yes, you will receive pay. The benefits will be available after the second pay period.

Why do most applicants get rejected?

By being unable to achieve physical entry standards to omitting or falsifying on the application or polygraph

What if I cannot bring all the required documents for the first screening day?

Until all documents are received, your application will be incomplete and unable to process any further for review

How can I submit an application?

You will need to visit the New Mexico State Personnel Office website and apply on-line. Once we have received your application and you have met the initial requirements you will be contacted by a department staff member or you may attend screening which is held every Tuesday and Wednesday 

Probation and Parole applicants will be contacted once the department has received their application status to schedule a screening date. Applicants will be called according to location and job openings