Northeast New Mexico Detention Facility

The Northeast New Mexico Detention Facility (NENMDF) is a 179,624 square-foot private prison located on 15 acres. The facility is located 4 miles southeast of Clayton, NM. The facility can be accessed by Highway 87 (Texas Highway) with the facility located on the north side of the road. If utilizing Highway 56/64 (Oklahoma Highway) the facility will be located on the south side of the road. The facility is located approximately one mile down Dr. Michael Jenkins Road from either highway. The Level III designated facility is owned by the Town of Clayton and operated by The GEO Group, Inc to house male offenders.

Construction of the facility began in 2007 and the facility received its first inmate in August 2008.

Mark Bowen

Mark Bowen


David Brown

David Brown

Deputy Warden - Programs

Charles Stephens

Charles Stephens

Deputy Warden - Operations

Susan Hutchison

Susan Hutchison

Deputy Warden - Finance & Administration

Visitation Hours

 General Population (GP)  and Restoration to Prison Population (RPP)

Thursday 18, Friday 19 GP visitation.
8:30am – 3:30pm

Saturday 20, Sunday 21 RPP visitation
8:30am – 3:30pm

Thursday 25, Friday 26 RPP Visitation
8:30am – 3:30pm

Saturday 27, Sunday 28 GP Visitation.
8:30am – 3:30pm

They will continue to alternate every week between one getting week visits and the other getting weekend visits.

If a holiday falls on the following Monday it will be who ever had visits on Saturday and Sunday.

Restrictive Housing Unit (RHU) will continue to get visits regardless of Restoration to Prison Population (RPP) or General Population (GP) status.

Visits are divided between Thursday/Friday for one group and then Saturday/Sunday for the other group with (RPP) and (GP) trading between the two sets of days each week.

Restrictive Housing

8:30am – 3:30pm

Two visits per week, 2 hours each. Only one visit may be on a weekend.

In order to visit an inmate, you must be on the approved visitation list.

Download Visitation Policy and Information

Contact Us & Inmates

The GEO Group, Inc.

185 Dr. Michael Jenkins Road
Clayton, New Mexico 88415

Phone 575.374.4005
Fax 575.374.4010

Send all mail for inmates to their location address above. Please make sure and put to their attention and their NMCD#.
Inmates are not allowed to receive phone calls or any electronic correspondence.


How to put money on an inmate account?

An approved visitor can send a money order with the inmates name and number to the facility.