Office of the Inspector General


Jillian Shane

  • 505.383.2993

The Office of the Inspector General maintains professional and constructive liaison between contractors and the various Department Divisions and Bureaus to assure that services contractually required by the State of New Mexico are met qualitatively and quantitatively. This office also receives, processes, refers, and manages information resources, assets, and activities to support the operation and management of the Department's contract monitoring efforts, as well as provides recommendations relating to any violations or breaches of contracts, and recommends penalty assessments for violations. The Office of the Inspector General also advises and educates Division Directors, Wardens, Region Managers, Contract Monitors, and other Department personnel on OIG operation and procedure.

As the prevention of sexual assaults in prison is an operational priority for NMCD, the Office of the Inspector General coordinates the Department's compliance with the Prison Rape Elimination Act, gathering data on investigations into prison rape and reporting it to the US Department of Justice.

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